Sampling Services

Sampling Services

With Ifedave’s Sampling Service, you can have confidence in your data. Our rigorous sample approaches¬†assure fair representation, laying the groundwork for well-informed judgements in research and industry.

Random Sampling

Unveil the Unpredictable with Confidence

Stratified Sampling

Precision Redefined – Unleash the Layers of Knowledge

Systematic Sampling

Seamless Insights, Seamless Success

Mineral Analysis Services

Mineral Analysis Service unlocks the wonders of Earth’s mineral kingdom. With cutting-edge technology and a team of expert mineralogists, we analyze a wide range of minerals, from base metals like copper, lead, and zinc to precious metals like gold and silver. With our meticulous approach, we provide a comprehensive understanding of elemental compositions, mineral distribution, and critical properties.¬†

Our Mineral Analysis Service empowers you to make informed decisions and drive innovation, whether you’re looking to optimize mining operations or assess environmental impacts. Let us help you discover our planet’s mysteries and potential.

Base Metals: Copper, Lead, Zinc

Explore the backbone of countless industries with our base metal analysis services. Our copper, lead, and zinc analysis expertise ensures you have the elemental insights you need for metal production, alloy formulations, and industrial advancements. We provide accurate and reliable analysis to help you uncover the building blocks of progress.

Precious Metals: Gold, Silver

Ifedave Laboratory reveals the brilliance of precious metals. We provide jewelers, investors, and miners alike with comprehensive analyses of gold and silver, guiding them toward their radiant potential. With precision-driven precious metal analysis, you can experience success like never before.

Oxides: Lithium Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Silicon Oxide, Potassium Oxide, Sodium Oxide, Ferric Oxide, Phosphorus Pentoxide

Innovation starts with a deep understanding of essential oxides. Ifedave Laboratory’s analysis of lithium, calcium, silicon, potassium, sodium, ferric oxide, and phosphorus pentoxide supports a wide range of industries, from energy storage to construction materials. Trust our analysis to ignite innovation and drive transformative advancements.

Others: Calcium Fluoride, Manganese, Cobalt, Iron, Sulphur, Tantalite, Niobium

Our accurate analysis of calcium fluoride, manganese, cobalt, iron, and sulphur empowers industries across the spectrum, from steel production to pharmaceuticals. Embrace the diversity of mineral analysis with Ifedave Laboratory and unlock boundless possibilities.

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